BUDOUBATAKE Co., Ltd. (Vineyard)

Our Vineyard locates on the south-west hillside of mountain foots around 500m higher above sea level, at Katsunumacho of Yamanashi Prefecture which is a northern town about 35km apart from Mt. Fuji. This area is blessed with the most suitable surroundings for growing grapevines. Our company has inherited the traditions of ECO- Farming of Hishinuma Brand in Katsunuma Area

The management vision of “ BUDOUBATAKE Co., Ltd.”

Koshu grapevines were started here around 1300 years ago, after then, in the Meiji era, around 150 years ago, our ancestors went to France to study how to grow better grapevines.
We are now engaging with grape farming so as to hand our history and culture such as a hand pressed wine brewery, vineyards for harvesting high quality grapevines etc. over our future generation.
Our visions are,

  • ECO Farming which is friendly to the earth, nature and harvested products.
  • Sending out our information about attractiveness of Yamanashi ‘s agriculture toward all the world

Business operation of “ BUDOUBATAKE Co., Ltd.” for our visitors are;,

  • Grape picking
  • Tourist lodge at a farmhouse/winery
  • Learning farmer’s work through experience
  • Processing and selling the processed grapevine and hand pressed wine.

The vineyard of BUDOUBATAKE” shows us its various looks depending on “Season”, “Weather” and “Agricultural products”.

ECO Farming ・・・ farming activities for surroundings-friendly agriculture

BUDOUBATAKE Co., Ltd is operating on the base of natural farming method that the farmers do not save own troubles about labor and let the creatures from the earth return into the earth again after the end of their life.

1) The pruned twigs of vine trees will be crushed into pieces with a grinder and sprinkled over the trunks of vine trees, or will be buried into the holes dug with a backhoe as they are, in order to reinforce the ground of the yard.
2) As we are keeping the surroundings-friendly farming in mind, we cover the ground of vinyl-houses of our vineyard not with vinyl sheets but with straws so as to prevent the ground cooled with water in the winter season. The straws will return into the ground again after one year.
3) Because the disease insects, worms and caterpillars spend winter, we make the vine trellises clean after pruning twigs, and peel the barks of vine trees as our winter work. By these means, we can reduce the number of times to spray agricultural chemicals We shave off the old barks of large trunks with a hand-plane so as to prevent the disease insects, worms and caterpillars from spending winter, and diseases from occurring.
4) As young whiskers of vine trees coiled around are apt to catch diseases, we cut off them carefully. We do not save our troubles about labor to harvest the agricultural products with safety and trust.
5) Almost all the vine yards are cultivated together with weeds in “BUDOUBATAKE”. We can judge the condition of our yards when watching creatures in the yard. So as to keep the creatures in the yards healthy, we keep many weeds in our yards.
6) Hishiyama Winery Co., Ltd., our group company, also returns the squeezed grounds to the yards.

Introduction of facilities of BUDOUBATAKE vineyard

facilities of BUDOUBATAKE vineyard

Introduction of Shopping center in BUDOUBATAKE vineyard

Shopping center Shopping center

Shop hours: From late July to early November, everyday from 8:00 to 17:00
hrough the year, every Saturday, Sunday and Holyday from 9:00 to 16:00
On the other days than the above, please tell us in advance.
Translator: Available for English and Beijing Chinese.
Those who need a translator shall tell us in advance with e-mail.
Meal service: Reservation only.
Through the year, Houtou (Hot Soup Needle with miso taste)
In summer, Ozara(Cold Houtou) and Summer Vegetable Curry
Toilet for handicapped persons and work-shop (for optional fee) are equipped.

1. Grape picking (from late July to 3rd, November)

All you can eat course

with measured rate takeout course

Before visiting our Grape Picking, please let us know with telephone, fax or e-mail in advance.

Reserving center:

  • TEL +81-(0)553-44-0356 Information time (9:00〜17:00)(Person in charge; Ms.Mitsumori)
  • FAX +81-(0)55-213-5974
  • E-Mail bb@budoubatake.net
Grape picking Grape picking

Our vineyard has above 40 kinds of grapes which can be harvested in different periods of seasons.
As there are so many kinds of grapes in our vineyard, you can enjoy Grape picking through long terms in a year, this fact is one of our strong points.
Please enjoy grape picking and slow life under our grapevine trellis.
We are preparing a cart for a weak in legs or elderly person.

Our vineyard has above 40 kinds of grapes.
Especially, we introduce following three kinds of grapes from them.
Every kind of them is a hybrid fertilized in Japan.

Harvesting period:
From late Aug. to early Oct.

This has the largest size of balls in the grape group of Kyoho. Its flesh is very juicy and gives you a feeling of satisfaction from eating, very suitable and popular for gifts

Harvesting period:
From late Aug. to mid. Sep.

This grape is one of red color Pione group, which seems to be bright red but some balls seem to be soft pink.
It tastes very good, is so popular.
We also sell each ball of this grape one by one.

Shine Muscat
Shine Muscat
Harvesting period:
From July to September

We have also green house Shine Muscat. This grape has a strong aroma, in spite of new comer in grapes, is very popular, with green color and very good flavor of Muscat.

2. Experience of farmer’s work

You can experience farmer’s work through a year together with staffs of our vineyard. We can serve lunch for you with extra fee.
Please enjoy your country life in our vineyard.

From May to July:
Pruning the buds of vine trees, making a bunch of grape, putting on umbrella,putting on paper bags etc.
From August to October:
Putting on umbrella, harvesting grapes
From November to April:
Weeding the yard, spreading fertilizer, cleaning umbrellas, gathering brunches etc.

3.Experience of a tourist lodge at farmhouse/winery

We provide a tourist lodge for guests who want to experience farmer`s work.
As we have the authorized permit to open a restaurant, please feel at home to take a meal in our restaurant. The menu of our restaurant mainly consists of dishes cooked with various kinds of vegetables which have been harvested at our yards depending on the season.
After working up a good sweat by farming in a yard, please got into “Tenkuu no yu”(Sky High Hot spring) near here, and relieve your exhaustion looking over the Kofu Basin.
Our Mitsumori Family`s two rooms with Tatami mats are guest-rooms for living and sleeping, and can accommodate until 12 persons. Depending on the number of guests, you may share a room.
For one overnight, it costs 10,000 yen per person with two meals. (6,000 yen for a child not yet going to elementary school)
Will you try to experience farmer`s work at a yard in Yamanashi prefecture!
You can also experience cooking “Houtou” (traditional Soup Noodles with miso taste), jam…..and so on.

4. Processed grapevine

You can buy the products in the below lists at our shopping center.
Our products do not contain any fragrance, coloring agent or preservatives at all.

1) Juice 200ml without any additives

Pione Juice
Later Picked Pione Juice
Berry A Juice
Later Picked Berry A Juice
Kyoho Juice
Later Picked Kyoho Juice

2) Raisins

Raisin Assort
Raisin Assort
Raisin Variety
Raisin Variety

3) Wine ( hand pressed wine made by Hishiyama Brewing Co., Ltd. )

oshu White Wine(Dry)
Koshu White Wine(Dry)
Koshu White Wine(Sweet)
Koshu White Wine(Sweet)
Rose Wine
Rose Wine
Blue Delaware Sparkling Wine
Blue Delaware Sparkling Wine

5. Information

Name Budoubatake Co.,Ltd./Hishiyama Central Brewing Co.,Ltd.
Establishment Established on April 26, 2006
Company Owner Hitoshi Mitsumori
Address 1425 Hishiyama, Katsunumacho, Koshushi, Yamanashi Pref. 409-1302, Japan
TEL 0553-44-0356
FAX 055-213-5974
E-mail bb@budoubatake.net

6. Inquiry

Reception time: 9:00〜17:00
Person in charge: Ms. Mitsumori)

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